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Hello there, welcome to my blog! 

I’m Frédérique!

I was born and raised in la Réunion, a small french island lost in the middle of the Indian ocean. I moved to France a long time ago and settled in Nantes where I now live and work.

I have always been found of fashion and cute outfits but being only 5’1 made it sometimes really hard to find clothes that truly fitted.

Back in the days when I thought that being stylish was unnattainable, I was lucky to find inspiration  from beautiful petite bloggers who proved that anyone could have fun with fashion no matter what their height!

Ever since, I’ve wanted to inspire other women as well and help them develop a style of their own.

Being stylish might seem superficial at first but I truly believe that it can make women feel good and therefore be more confident!


I hope you’ll have fun following me in my fashion journey,

Thank you for stopping by!



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