My beautiful days at the solaris beach Resort, Croatia

Live it my way / Friday, October 5th, 2018

Last summer I had the  chance to spend some days  in Croatia at the Solaris holiday resort near the city of Sibenik.

Our flat had a breathtaking view on the isands of adriatic sea so we  could enjoy the beautiful colors of the sky and water at sunsets.

We did not stay long enough to travel around the country but we rented a boat for one day. It was perfect to get an overview form the coast. That way we also got the chance to stay away from the crowd and have lunch in a local restaurant (that grilled fish!)

Solaris resort also has a beautiful lounge bar called “En Vogue”. That place is simply perfect to chill out, jump into the blue sea and enjoy the view on the turquoise blue sea.

That trip was definitely too short, I’ve got to go there again and spend some more time diving in that enchanted blue ocean…






















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